Food Truck Profile: Jacques’ Tacos

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Food Trucks, Profile

Yet another metropolitan area has entered into the world of mobile cuisine. With its rich automotive history, it should be no surprise that Detroit and its suburbs have permitted what is thought to be its first food truck to open its doors for business.  Jacques’ Tacos is the latest spin off from the wildly popular Los Angeles’ food truck industry. Detroit area native and single Michelin star rated, Wesley Holton, was the executive chef of Daniel Boulud Brasserie in Las Vegas before it closed last year. With the idea to move back to his roots, Chef Wes moved back to the Detroit area with dreams of opening his own restaurant. With Jacques’ Tacos, he has already achieved his goal.

Holton has found what other food truck owners have learned on their own, getting all of the approvals, passing numerous inspections and finally getting all of the required permitting is no easy task. According to Holton, “If I had known what I know now, my life would have been a lot easier.”
With a menu that offers up a variety of taco delights, all of the chef’s tacos come with a warm corn tortilla, fresh black beans, corn salsa queso fresco and salad vert. It is up to the customer to select their protein from braised beef short ribs (The D-Town), grilled chicken, or slow roasted pork. These heavenly tacos will cost you the mere sum of $2.50, so feel free to try them all out until you have found a favorite.

As one customer put it, “Jacques’ is what would happen if the Taco Trucks of Southwest Detroit grew up…”

Right now Chef Wes is making regular stops in Royal Oak, Farmington Hills and Canton with plans to add more locations and trucks in the future.

You can follow Jacques’ Taco truck on twitter here.

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  1. The Fearless Bunny says:

    Funny how history endlessly repeats itself yet it’s never the same… hawkers are moving into restaurants in se asia while chefs are going on the road in food trucks in the US…

    • Considering the cost of opening a restaurant versus the cost of getting a food truck up and running, I’m a bit surprised it has taken this long.

      • The Fearless Bunny says:

        Right, but restaurants are comfy and civilized, easyer to keep clean and inspect for cleanliness, always stand on the same block hence more liable… The fact a significant amount of money needs be invested to open a restaurant also represents the food professional’s commitment, and is an achievement.

        Most Hawkers used to aspire to settling down in a restaurant, just as most patrons used to aspire to eating in clean well lit places. That’s part of climbing the food industry ladder. Food and getting fed being one of our basic needs, any progress in that field is highly cherished. Now I understand we’re not moving backwards and this is mere diversification, rediscovering of old ways we got too snob to care for, and I find it wonderful.

        It’s a proof of dynamism, and healthy to question the ways we feed and try to improve them. All the best those engaged on this path.

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