Twelve Ways for Food Truck Owners to Increase their Twitter Followers

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Food Trucks, Marketing, Social Media, Twitter

With Twitter being the most popular way for food truck owners to market their location and their product, we have come up with a list of ways to increase your current list of followers.

  1. The number one step I always suggest is to fill out your Twitter bio. Your bio is where you can explain to people who do not know you, who you are. A blank bio does not encourage anyone to start following you.
  2. Start a contest. Offer free food or a discount to the 1st, the 10th, or the 40th customer who comes to your truck and shows you your tweet and then post the results. Not only do people love free food, but they like to receive notoriety as well.
  3. Place your Twitter ID on your vehicle. Most of your customers may already follow you, but on the off chance that they don’t, give them the chance to.
  4. Be an active participant on Twitter. Do not just post your current location, retweet useful information you receive from those you follow. If they return the favor and retweet one of your tweets, you may get noticed by their followers, and some may even follow you.
  5. Reply to and get involved in #hash tag discussions. Look for the #hash topics relating to your locale or your passions and jump in on the conversation.
  6. Request that your Twitter profile link is featured on any site that writes about you or just mentions you in an article.
  7. Take the time to explain to your followers what retweeting is and ask them to retweet your links.
  8. Use your Twitter ID in your email signature, so that people you correspond with in this fashion get to know that you are also using twitter.
  9. Ask your current followers to recommend you to their followers.
  10. Take pictures with your cell phone and tweet them. If you take shots of your customers they typically will retweet them to their followers.
  11. Write an ebook about how you started your business or a cookbook of some of your recipes and start distributing it free of charge. If you can get your ebook to go viral, you have the chance to gain many followers.
  12. Run a poll: This actually works if you have a high number of followers. Make the poll interesting, and request people to re-tweet about it.

Although you may not agree with some of these tips please note, none need to be followed. The primary reason for this article was to provide a list of items that will show food truck owners some different marketing strategies to increase your Twitter followers, and hopefully your sales.

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