Looking for a Job in the Food Truck Industry?

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Food Truck Jobs
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Thanks to a suggestion from one of our readers (Janet Tandy), MCM will now be offering the same options for job hunters as we do for food truck owners. If you are looking for a job within the food truck industry, we would ask you to submit your information via email to Mobile Cuisine Magazine. What we would ask from you is to supply us with:

  • Your name (will be withheld from public viewing)
  • Type of position you are looking for
  • Brief description of your experience and/or education
  • Your geographic location
  • Salary requirements
  • Email address (will also be withheld from public viewing)

We will structure this page to show this information and will allow prospective employers to email us for your personal information so they may get in contact with you directly. We cannot assure anyone will contact you, however, if you wish to keep your information posted, we will do that indefinately, or until you let us know you are no long available or looking for employment. For food truck owners looking to hire someone, please feel free to email us at Mobile Cuisine Magazine with the candidate’s listing number, and we will respond back to you with their contact information.


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