Also in the News

November 23, 2010

KHOU Does a Hatchet Job on Taco Trucks

JC Reid at covers a local news station’s biased reporting on the taco trucks in Houston.  <more>

November 15, 2010

Names/Things You need to know in 2011: Food trucks as Mobile Marketing Devices

Forbes covers a new yet scary trend in the food truck industry.  <more>

October 17, 2010

Historical center uses food-truck trend to lure people to museum, introduce them to vendors

Another story from Columbus on how the community is partnering with food trucks.  <more>

October 14, 2010

Food Trucks Taking Sidewalks By Storm

NPR’s 16 minute on-air story about how the number of food trucks have increased in Columbus, OH  <more>

October 4, 2010

Project: Food Truck Fantasy

The food truck revolution is sweeping American cities. What’s your food truck fantasy?  <more>

October 3, 2010

Food Fight: Can’t We All Get Along?

Los Angeles County to help mobile food vendors and restaurant owners get along.  <more>

October 2, 2010

A food fight on D.C.’s streets

It took two or three years before Arianne Bennett felt as if she was on solid ground, but her Amsterdam Falafels hop finally emerged as a popular snack stop for late-night partyers in Adams Morgan. <more>

September 29, 2010

Food Trucks Given Green Light to Park

Food trucks claimed a victory in Santa Monica with a temporary suspension on the 30-minute parking limit for mobile food vendors. <more>