Disclosure Policy of Mobile Cuisine Magazine

We deeply value our readers and subscribers, as much as they value us, our expertise, and our recommendations. For this reason, we will try to be as open and forthright as possible.  We are big fans of disclosure. We believe in it. While we will make every attempt to disclose each time we make a recommendation on this blog, sometimes we can’t or we simply forget. However, in an effort to be as clear and candid as possible, We’d like to post a more complete version, which highlights some of the ways we are compensated.

  • We occasionally make recommendations on this blog, which include links to helpful resources for which we get some kind of compensation. Either we get a commission for each sale, or receive some form of remuneration, either financially or in kind.
  • However, these recommendations are based first and fore most on their merit. We make them either because of their value, helpfulness, and quality, or based on my direct or indirect knowledge of the author’s reputation, track record, and level of expertise. No advertiser will ever influence the content on this blog.

We will add more as needed as the site evolves. It may be almost complete, but we believe this is a start in being open and candid so that you, dear reader, fully understand where we are coming from and what’s involved when following any of our recommendations on this site.