Guest Posting

Guest Posting on Mobile Cuisine Magazine

Mobile Cuisine Magazine is upstart blog in the WordPress News and Food Truck niche. The site was established in Fall of 2010. We gladly consider guest submissions for MCM but have partnered with the My Blog Guest for guest entries. You will have to become a member of My Blog Guest to submit guest entries as we will check your MBG ID.

As soon as we have some submissions, MCM will have a weekly guest entry column on Fridays. Become a My Blog Guest member now to contribute to Mobile Cuisine Magazine.

What’s in it for You?

  • Guest contributors who submit a great entry will be allowed to submit content for other network sites
  • Awesome brand and profile opportunity
  • Solid SEO benefits
  • Intro- and outro by-line with your URL, both on the front page (intro by-line only, we publish excerpts) and below the entry
  • ‘Link drop’ opportunities. You can embed relevant links to own content in your post (see also: the rules)

The Rules

  • Unique content: This is a no-brainer, people submitting content published elsewhere already will be publicly disclosed here and at MBG.
  • Added value: Your submissions should bring added value to the site. We are not looking for guest submitters who want to grab a quick link, instead we want to offer guest posters a broader platform, the possibility to be featured on top blogs, all while offering them the opportunity to benefit the TrustRank of our sites.
    Your guest entry should be good enough to be linked as ‘reference post’ when you try to land a paid blogging gig somewhere.
  • No Silly Lists: Although list entries can be (very) popular, that’s not what we are looking for. If you want to write a xx Ways to…, make it at least 7 or more. Your entry should be Resumé-worthy quality.
  • Link to previous content: Every entry must contain at least one link to related previous on site content. Unless included already we will add this link
  • Max. 1 link/125 words: we are generous and allow you to include any related link in your entry, up to 1 link/125 words. This number is an accepted standard for SEO strategies. Keep in mind that 1 link/125 words also includes the links in your by-line. This means that if your post is 1200-1250 words, you can add up to 7 links
  • No unethical links: Guest entries can not contain links to unethical sites, software or commercial, keyword strong unrelated links. If you want to plug your printer ink cartridge shop, you will have to purchase a ‘promotional guest post’ at the standard sponsored post rate. Don’t include cloaked or shortened links.
  • Extended promotion: Your guest entry will be promoted via several of our social media accounts and via the My Blog Guest community.
  • Regular awesome guest submissions can result in a paid gig in the future

If you are interested in submitting an article, please submit it here.